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Created 6-Aug-17
20 photos

Sunrise Bull Elk, RMNP COBugle Boy, Moraine Park, RMNPBull Elk signaling rivals, RMNP COElk in snowfall, Rocky Mountain National Park, COImposing Bull Elk, RMNP COBugle Boy! RMNP, COMale elk on the move during the rut, RMNP COBull elk, early morning sun, RMNP, COElk bugling during the rut, Rocky Mountain National Park, COEarly Morning Elk, near RMNPMale elk resting near Milner Pass, RMNP COELk and summer grazing, RMNP COElk, Bachelor Row, RMNP, COElk among the wildflowers, RMNP COElk chasing off rival, Rocky Mountain National Park, CODeer in the long grass, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver COFall Buck on Alert, RMNP, COWhite-tail doe at RMAWhite-tail buck and doe at RMNP

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