My photography reflects my travel throughout Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region and Texas. My photography has evolved into a craft, capturing the light and reflecting the majesty of the outdoors. This passion has grown as I strive to share the perfect representation of places and times.

Interestingly, as I've developed as a photographer, I don't just look for a subject or scene to photograph.  I look for “the light" . . . that moment before sunrise when the sun paints the horizon or right before sunset when the sky is on fire, or when the clouds part and the wind drops giving a brief window to an exceptional scene.  And at times the light can even be in our backyard or a nearby park!

As many others who love the outdoors, I've been influenced by the images of nature I've seen by others. But the national parks, wildlife, rivers, waters and mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the Rocky Mountains and even Texas change so much depending on the season and the light that there is always an opportunity for new images. So I hope as you look at these images either it will remind you of a place that you've been or inspire you to get out to the wild places and enjoy.


If you are interested in buying a print, please refer to the contact page and email me at [email protected] for more detailed information.