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Created 6-Aug-17
24 photos

Baby Pika on Loveland Pass, COHarvest time!  Mt Evans, COBarking Pika, Mt Evans, COEeeeeep!   Mt Evans, COPika and greens, Mt Evans, COPike unsure of visitors, Mt Evans, COPika and Summer Flowers, Mt. Evans COPika sounding the alert, Mt Evans COPika, peeping out from ledge, Mt Evans COPika among alpine avens, Mt Evans, COPika passion, Mt Evans, COPika sounds a warning, Rock Cut COPika close up, Mt Evans, COSummer Pika, pausing from gathering, Mt Evans, CO"Pika-tude', Mt Evans, COPosing Pika, Mt Evans COPika harvesting grasses for the winter, Mt Evans COPika in the alpine summer, Mt Evans, COPika asks 'how am I gonna eat this?!?', Rock Cut CO

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