Larry Pennington Photography: Blog en-us (C) Larry Pennington Photography (Larry Pennington Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Larry Pennington Photography: Blog 120 120 Technical Details For the technically minded most of these images were captured using a Nikon D300 or Nikon D80 digital camera. Lens most frequently used are Nikkor ED 24-85mm, Nikkor 18-200mm or Sigma 70-300 telephoto zoom. I prefer to use long exposures with high depth of field so a stable tripod is frequently required. Post processing has been made in Photoshop CS5 or earlier versions of Photoshop depending on when they were taken. The adjustments are usually limited to cropping, exposure, saturation rather than sandwiching images to add objects that were not apparent to the eye.  I have begun to explore HDR, not to achieve higher color saturation, bu to extend the range in high contrast or low light situations and enable to see what the eye sees.  

I'd be happy to hear from you about which images touch you and why. In addition, if you are interested in a print of one of these images please email me for more details.  ( 


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